Written by In Laredo magazine’s Ambrose Lerma Jr.



When I sat down to eat atLaredo’s newest pizza restaurant, Laredo Pizza Factory, little did I know I was in for an amazingly flavorful pizza.  I had the Chicken Gorganzola pizza which consists of spinach, chicken, mushrooms, bacon, and gorgonzola cheese.  The first bite was delicious, the direct result of Jeff Trevino’s 6 years of gourmet pizza making experience.  The slice of pizza took me through a journey of flavors which I had not experienced in a pizza before.

Jeff has had plenty of time to master his recipes; recipes which have taken him to finish 8th place in the gourmet pizza competition held every year in Las Vegas.  Originally from Laredo, Jeff honed his recipes through his pizzerias which were located in Austin, Tx.  He and his partners sold the restaurants and since then he has come down to Laredo and has teamed up with Jorge Gutierrez to bring his own unique pizza crafting talents to the Gateway City.

When you walk in to the Laredo Pizza Factory you will notice just how unique their establishment really is.  There are huge comic book posters on either side of the walls. One can’t help but look through the posters to look for their favorite super hero.  “I’ve seen a few fathers and sons sit down and eat and look at the posters trying to see how many comic book heroes they can name” Jeff says.  The comic book theme was sort of an accident.  One side of the pizzeria was decorated with diner themed icons such as James Dean.  The other side was covered with comic book themed posters.  After they opened their doors Jeff and Jorge noticed that more customers would sit at the comic book side and look up at the posters as they dined.  That’s when they decided to cover both walls with comic hero posters. Another thing you will notice is the ceiling which is painted in bright shades of green, yellow, and orange.  It sort of reminds me of a rubix cube.

The menu offers a wide variety of pizzas with about 29 different toppings to choose from.  Some of these toppings I have not seen offered anywhere else, toppings such as chorizo, broccoli, corn, cilantro, and jalapeno.  Jeff prides himself on how much attention to detail they give to each aspect of the pizza making process.  Ingredients are bought fresh every day and their pizza dough is prepared special.  The dough must be allowed to sit for 12 hours before it is ready.  It must be kneaded properly and they never freeze dough to be used later.  Everything is fresh.  The pizzas are made in a stone oven as opposed to a conveyer oven.  This gives the pizza a better texture and taste.  Laredo Pizza Factory aims for the highest quality and so they seek out the highest quality ingredients.  The best tomatoes, cheeses, and toppings are used. Their most popular pizza, the Spanish Harlem, consists of white sauce, chorizo, tomatoes, corn, jalapenos, cilantro, and white onions.  In case you are wondering, white sauce is made with olive oil and garlic and is one of 6 sauces they offer.  The Laredo Pizza Factory also offers great tasting salads as well.

You can taste their passion for making a great tasting pizza in every bite.  When asked what his favorite thing about pizza Jeff replied, “Everybody loves it. To me it’s fun to see how much people enjoy it.”   Laredo Pizza Factory has found a perfect recipe for making great tasting pizzas that everybody can enjoy.



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